An Esophageal Cardiac Vital Signs Monitoring System
Eso-Technologies, Inc.  Eso-Tech is a medical device company that is driven by an experienced management team. The company is developing an esophageal cardiac vital signs monitoring system. The system is minimally invasive, safe, and accurate. Clinical studies have demonstrated the technology provides an attractive alternative to the invasive devices in use today, while enhancing the scope of cardiac care for surgical and ICU patients. The company owns its founder's, (John L. Atlee, M.D.) six issued patents and one patent pending on esophageal monitoring and stimulation technologies. The company also is proceeding with further enhancements to the technology. It is anticipated that new patents will be generated in the next two years and that the technology will offer an even broader spectrum of cardiac care tools for healthcare professionals at that time.
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Eso-Tech ESOP device with sensors deployed near the heart