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Company Milestones/Plans • 2008: Company founded, based on the groundbreaking work of John. L. Atlee III, M.D. • 2008: Initial seed investment from family, friends, and grants • 2009: Winner - Wisconsin Governor's Business Plan Contest GRAND PRIZE with cash and in-kind awards • 2009: Initial angel investments received • 2009: FDA IDE (Investigational Device Exemption) approval allowing clinical trials to proceed • 2010: First 10-patient human clinical study demonstrating probe feasibility and function • 2011: Three animal studies conducted (pig model) testing enhancements to measurement technology • 2012: Second 10-patient human clinical study demonstrating probe performance with new IP • 2012: Detailed provisional patent filed (June 2012). Executed in June 2013. • 2013: Second round of funding completed • 2013: Clinical abstract accepted for December NYPGA (Post Graduate Assembly of                    Anesthesiologists) • 2013: Proprietary patient monitor developed Company Plans: • 2014  Initiate new clinical trial with updated probe and new monitor • Complete 510k FDA submission for approval to go to market • Seek Industry Partner
Eso-Tech ESOP device with sensors deployed near the heart